Garden Conservancy Tour 2014: Part III


Are you as crazy about these pebbled concrete pools as I am?  This garden is the little jewel in the middle of Hudson, NY, called ‘Hudson Hood’ and the third private garden we visited on our tour this summer.

Hudson is worth visiting for the history alone.  What I didn’t know is that although much of its downtown core has been gentrified and adopted by ex-NYC’ers as their ‘retirement project’, there still exists a very real divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

Be that as it may, as a tourist you can choose to learn as much or as little about the place while you’re there.  I will save what I’ve learned for another post.  In the meantime, more about ‘Hudson Hood’.


This urban garden is characterized as a ‘shotgun’ garden — meaning it is long and narrow.  Indeed, it is — plus it is shaded by a giant tulip tree, giving it a feeling of repose and calm.

It is primarily a green garden, with care and consideration given to shapes and textures of plants and their leaves.


Much of the garden is viewable as you enter.  As you walk through it, you are totally surprised when you come upon a totally hidden – and modernist – pond and screened-in sanctuary…


What is there not to love?  Such a bold departure, but a perfect spot to sit, contemplate life and watch dragonflies zip around the waterlilies….


Having a place where you can enjoy your efforts, with a cushioned bench to snooze and have a glass of something refreshing is golden — make sure you include a special spot like this in your garden in order to make it truly magical.




8 thoughts on “Garden Conservancy Tour 2014: Part III”

    1. You’re welcome Dora! Thanks for visiting and sharing in it with me. I fear containers like that are quite vintage and hard to find these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep looking for them!

  1. that looks a lot like my ex-inlaws’ urban Buffalo (NY) garden. Not sure if you’ve been there but even in their expensive section of the city the homes are built SO close together and the rear yards are beyond compact! If you don’t utilize the small spaces you’d have no greenery at all!

    1. Hi Karen! No, haven’t been to see the gardens (or homes, for that matter) in Buffalo but I’m not surprised this one reminded you of them. I think a lot of NY state urban gardens are like this: tight, shaded and intensively gardened. I think they’re charming!

  2. What a lovely intimate space. Its something I could imagine putting in the side and back of your own home. The pebble containers are perfect for that special added touch.

    1. I know; isn’t it lovely Libby? Although large gardens can be breathtaking with their openness and opportunity, I love small ones because they’re so personal. It is perhaps more of a challenge to make things work with limited real estate. And another challenge to find sculptural or architectural details that complement the whole.

  3. I do love the pebble pool (wish I had done that instead of a deeper one, oh well another future project!). My fav in this pictorial though is the day bed…oh to while away an afternoon with a nice glass of wine and a book!

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