Garden Conservancy Tour 2014 – Part II

 It was the greenhouse, really, that made me stop breathing for a moment and stand there with my mouth open.  The English ivy growing up the walls, the aged paned windows, the vintage cupboard, and the stained and curling photographs.  Even one showing Mrs. Greenthumbs, Casandra Danz, in one of her comic poses…


I don’t know if you share my opinion on this, but I could live here quite happily…


… and know that I had found my place in paradise … is that too corny?


But wait, there’s more.

This is the garden belonging to Peter Bevacqua and Stephen King, no, another Stephen King, in Claverack, NY.  I don’t know who these two are besides very committed, enthusiastic and experienced gardeners — with a bit of disposable income in their retirement years.  The pair moved here in 1988 from the Upper West Side, aka Manhattan, and have been showing their garden to the public as part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days since at least 2004.  Although not a competition, being chosen to participate in the Open Days is, Bevacqua says, “…like winning an Oscar or something.”


This two-acre garden (they purchased the property next door in 2000) feels like an impeccably maintained estate.  Languorous trees over verdant lawns, crisp edges and tightly clipped hedges make touring this garden immensely satisfying, since absolutely nothing is amiss and everything looks lush and well cared for.


Unfortunately, I’ll have to leave it here since for the last week or more my computer is refusing to download anymore photos :c(    Does it not want me to share my experience of this lovely garden with you?  Or is it just being a jerk.  I would guess the latter *sigh*

3 thoughts on “Garden Conservancy Tour 2014 – Part II”

  1. Ailsa, Great GC Part II post – I loved it as much as your Part I. The Garden Conservancy Open Days are a favorite of mine as well and try to visit as many in person wherever they find me in my travels and enjoy reading there webpage, links, books and articles and since I live in the Hudson Valley I must search out this garden myself, I do agree with you – it looks like paradise! Maybe your computer is trying to tell you something… like ‘weed’ out the large junk files and free up your hard drive space, so more creative seeds can sprout from your fingertips. I enjoy your style of writing and your gift of banter. Looking forward to Part III…

  2. Thanks TKA&I :c) Well, WordPress *was* trying to tell me something but I had to pay to get more space lol! So, I’m back in business. Thank you so much for your compliments – much appreciated :c) I’m jealous you live in the area – you have such a wealth of gardens, shops, restaurants, etc. to enjoy. I love visiting and hope to come back again next year…

    1. Sweet reply, glad you’re computer blog is up and running… I spent my weekend in NYC walking the High Line elevated garden and meandering around Central Park after visiting the Madeline Exhibit – I find gardens to visit no matter where I travel across the US and abroad. My childhood family vacations always included gardens and trains… so I guess you can say I’ve stayed close too my roots. Look forward to Part III… ?

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