Hello? Is anybody there?

Well, every once in a while, when I suddenly have a spare moment, I take a look at my blog, yes this one, and see if there’s something new.  Clearly, I may or may not have several other people who do the same.  I have come to a conclusion:

This blog will not write itself.

Sorry for the absence.  This time of year is one of abundance.  And here in Ottawa, with this rain, weeds and those plants that we don’t want, are taking advantage.  And it is largely my job to dispatch them as well as make sure several gardens are looking pretty good.  And like the cobbler, my own garden is the last to be tended to, and then after that, the allotment.  And then, a distant last-last, is this blog.

I wish I could telepathically post blog entries and let you know what I’ve been doing each day, that is, if its been a worthwhile endeavour.  There’s nothing worse than reading about someone’s boring exploits.

I could have told you about this:


A preview of the extraordinary topiaries being made at the Montreal Botanical Gardens for the annual International Mosaiculture festival being held from June 22 to September 29 at several locations in Montreal this year.


And the exciting and inspirational plant and garden accessory show at the same location earlier in May that I attended (on a rainy and cold weekend) known as the Great Gardening Weekend.  Does anyone in Ottawa know about this?  The folks at Budd Gardens do; they showed up selling an incredible assortment of hosta – sorry, no pics of them but hey, you know what a bunch of hostas look like.


The number of vendors that I had never heard of, the plants I had never seen before and the creative displays were all a revelation to me.


This is May 24th folks.  It can be touch and go in terms of weather, and even more so in terms of getting plants to look good in pots so that gardeners will want to take them home.



Despite the weather, it was a great visit and a wonderful way to spend a day.  I neglected to take a photo of our plant-jammed cart at the end of the day, but trust me, I still haven’t planted everything.  AND we didn’t even get lost getting there OR get stuck in traffic for too long coming home.

Strangely, there were only *two* vendors selling food.  This one below sold raw salads and rolls, with healthy sweet treats and yummy drinks.  The other, next to it, dealt in waffles.  Why wasn’t there more food?  Don’t get me wrong – what we had was wonderful, but I’m sure anyone selling cafe-au-laits and hot soup would have made a killing that weekend.


I’m doing an overhaul of my own garden and hope to feature it in the next little while.  Meantime, maybe I can convince one of my clients to let me showcase their garden.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to visiting a very well-known and internationally respected garden next month.  In order to ensure my experience is pure, I am staying away from looking at any pictures of it.  Any guesses?  It is a 7 hour drive away.