One of the highlights at Longwood Gardens this past August was the apprentice  displays in a discreet corner of the property.  You would have missed these little jewels if you weren’t keen on seeing every square inch of this world-renowned garden, as we were.

Longwood 311

This garden was named ‘Moonstruck’ and was designed by student gardeners Jessica Whitehead and Deirdre Berthiaume.  Their inspiration was a walk on the moon, where they imagined the plants would be silver and ghostly.

Longwood 315

Longwood 305

Plants like agave, artemisia, acanthus, plectranthus, echeveria, silver sages and others form the story in this sweeping landscape.

Longwood 313

Two kinds and colours of scree or pebble makes a perfect foil for these desert plants.

Longwood 318

The contrasting texture of the foliage and the tones of grey, silver, blue, purple and green all contribute to this garden’s striking effect.

Longwood 317

Negative space is clearly just as important as planted space.  Especially when you incorporate strong edges or transitions.

Longwood 323

Be sure to look out for these ‘novice’ gardens when you visit.  They’re extremely creative and very well orchestrated.

Moments of watery contemplation at Longwood

After the grandeur of the mechanized fountains and the giant scale of the courtyard waterlily pools at Longwood Gardens, I thought I’d also show you the smaller, more intimate water features on display there.

This stream, looking like it has always been here, could be easily overlooked among all the spectacle.

Longwood 098

Longwood 058

This raised circular pool that intersects the long colour-blocked border is approachable and easy to experience by walking around.  The concrete edge is softened by a hedge of lavender.

Longwood 325

This angular courtyard pond is in full bloom with hardy waterlilies and can be enjoyed from a comfortable vantage point.

Longwood 324

This small formal pool with its central fountain is encircled by a riotous display of colour (pink and yellow should never be seen together?!) from varieties of New Guinea impatiens and coleus, as well as towers of tropical Mandevilla.

Longwood 062

Longwood 061

Nerves of steel here with colour.  How about you?