Spanish designer Jaime Parlade

While I was doing a bit of reading about the 14th century Moorish gardens at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain,  I stumbled upon the work of contemporary Spanish designer Jamie Parlade.  Don’t ask me how that happened!

From his website, these words give you an insight into his influence as an established designer (and made me smile…):

“…quality has no price nor should price ever be discussed with an artist … he insists that mutual trust between client and the decorator is essential.”

Image:; photo by Derry Moore

His Andalusian home and garden was featured in this 2008 article in Architectural Digest magazine.

Image:; photo by Derry Moore
I love the vibrant, rich colours in this kitchen as well as the rustic, dare I say, ‘humble’ details.

What a beautiful, light, airy bedroom — and gorgeous fabrics!


This place radiates warmth and the pleasures of summer.  What a comfortable room in which to spend time.

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