Pots and planters at Longwood Gardens: Part II

I had given you a taste earlier of my visit to Longwood Gardens back in August and promised to return for Part II.  Looking through my photos, it is amazing to me how soon I forgot just how spectacular that place is!  Here are some images that consider the place of the ‘pot’ and the benefit of planters – sit back, enjoy and imagine being there yourself.

12 thoughts on “Pots and planters at Longwood Gardens: Part II”

    1. Hi Miriam,
      Morning sun is considered low light, so I would try something like a mass cane dracaena, a number of palms (i.e. Bamboo, Raphis, Neanthe Bella), or a climbing philodendron on a bark post. Hopefully one of these will fit the bill.

  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. I have always wanted to go there. Never made it and now my husband is on oxygen and can’t walk far. Thought of going and taking a transport chair. Is it pretty even walking for me to push him? Thanks again. Vivian

    1. I have been there. It’s easily walkable. Mom was in a wheelchair no problem. This place is amazing as you can see by the photos. Well worth the trip.

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