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Skye-dog’s challenge

I have always been a firm believer in sending out good stuff so you can get good stuff back.    Although this is not a blog about my personal life so much as gardens and the natural world, other dog owners will understand how you cannot separate things so easily.

When we got back from our holiday, I found large lumps on Skye’s neck and throat.  After a visit to the vet, the diagnosis of lymphoma was given. 

Skye is going to be 9 years old this June and is very healthy otherwise.  We decided to start her immediately on chemotherapy treatment, which she will undergo for the next six months.  The expectation is that she will go into remission and live for at least another twelve to eighteen months. 

Fingers crossed.

Where ya goin’?

Hey!  Where ya goin’?  You’re leaving me here?  Are you coming back?

Sorry Skye-dog; they don’t allow dogs on this beach. 

But, yes we’ll definately be back.  Anyway, you’d be way too hot here.

You’d also be bored stiff.  Nothing to do but swim, eat, sleep and then eat again.  Plus, did I say you’d be too hot?

We’ll come back with lots of pics and stories; and if you’re good, maybe we’ll take you with us next year.  ‘kay?

Okay.  But come back soon.  I’ll be ready with the ball.


Downtown dogs!

When we go away by car, we like to take Skye-dog.  Wouldn’t you?

But I’ve never taken her to New York City.  Perhaps I should…

I love New York City for many reasons:  its dog-friendliness is one of them.  Here is the sign outside one of Biscuits & Bath’s locations, a doggie day care and well-ness spa.


And there’s this great play area with water and doggie bowls so they can frolic and play.  Of course, its not the same as playing around on grass or muddy ground.  But the park people in NYC are making a concerted effort to keep dogs from ruining plantings.

There are other more natural dog parks in the city; I saw many that were in the middle of Manhattan with areas segregated between small dogs and larger ones.

There is a website that gives information about where they are called City Doggy.  It might be surprising to many how accommodating New York is to dogs!

The first dog run in Manhattan was created at Tompkins Square and there is a volunteer group managing it called Friends of First Run.

Happy city dogs!