Stick with me…

….and I promise to write on this blog more often!

Today’s gardening column in the Ottawa Citizen was my last.  That is because they have parted ways with their freelance writers – that’s right, as I understand, all of them.

Thank you so much for following me through my columns talking about gardens, plants, our struggles and triumphs.  It was a privilege writing for Ottawa’s paper for so many years.


But, you’ll still find me here and hopefully in some other select gardening publications as well.

Stay tuned….


7 thoughts on “Stick with me…”

  1. What???? But, that’s what makes the Citizen interesting, articles written by freelance specialists. 😪I will have to rethink renewing my subscription.

  2. Best wishes in your new ventures and I’m looking forward to reading more of you here. And I’ll just take a moment to mention that I really like the banner photo and the layout of your blog.

  3. Oh, such mixed feelings. I always enjoy your columns, and looked forward to them.
    I just don’t understand the newspaper business anymore. I love getting the newspaper every morning and reading the familiar columns of local writers.
    Keep up the continued good work.

  4. I’m deeply disturbed about the newspaper situation and am saddened that you (and other columnists) will not have a presence. Reading local authors was what made me buy the paper. Please keep writing your blog. It matters. All the best, Peri.

  5. Our print newspapers are all trying to adapt to the online world and I think that they should be doing the opposite. The latest information regarding newsfeeds tailored to our online clicking habits is the most obvious reason to maintain print news that exposes us to differing views – not just feeding into our restricted online habits. I regret to hear that the Ottawa Citiizen has made this decision and hope to hear from you here and in other publications. I enjoy your writing immensely and find that it is accessible to novices and still informative to experts. Good luck and please keep us posted!

  6. Sorry to hear about your situation with the Ottowa paper. As an American newspaper columnist/editor who was downsized when my daily paper went digital only, I sympathize with you and the whole disturbing newspaper mess. Added your blog to my list of must-reads.

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