Adieu to winter

The only real reason for winter is for Skye-dog to demonstrate her ability to torture a ball in the snow.


Teeth and fuzzy feet….


…or torturing it in a snowbank.



The melts and succeeding frigid temperatures have made the snow throughout March (and into April) crispy and unyielding.  Not a good combination for ball pouncing and unstable doggie feet.

There is nothing left of winter that still charms me.


Oh, perhaps I’m wrong.

Skye is pretending to be non-plussed.

All I can say is, she must be cold.


I think the river is melting.


The snow can’t be far behind.  Mud is just around the corner.  Oh joy.

6 thoughts on “Adieu to winter”

    1. Hi Karen – NO! It is not entirely usual ;c) Last year, we had very little snow and it was all gone really by March. This is an aberration, as far as I can remember. We also had very, very cold days this winter and I have so far seen a lot of windburn on evergreens, especially Dwarf Alberta spruce :c( Other smaller plants will have been well insulated with the snow cover.

  1. I have to say, I am looking forward to the mud and ducks that frequent my 50×50′, I call my garden. This time last year, some crazy gardeners were starting to plant their cold loving seeds and this year,
    the only thing visible are the composters.

    1. I’m not surprised you say that Libby. I think the allotment gardeners will have to wait until May this year to even set foot on their plots! Alas, I will not be one of them. We have decided to give up our allotment — it was just too much work after a week’s worth of working on other peoples’ gardens. But it also means our own home garden will see us a lot more this summer :c)

  2. You can always stop by at 150 & 157. Not sure what condition it will be in cause I work with 2 friends, pulling their weeds, plus make supper for an elderly lady, 6 days a week.

    1. Thanks Libby :c) I will if I get a chance. There are a few plants left at our plot that I may want to lift when the floods subside. It sounds like you’re pretty busy; that lady is very lucky to have you making her suppers!

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