Random (somewhat maudlin) November thoughts

The temperature and light is shifting.  Strange winds blow and the grass starts to form weird wavy patterns as it begins to recline after a long summer.


Animals slow down and think about finding a place to call home before the snow arrives.



Our walks are faster and colder.  I’m often forgetting to wear anything on my hands but I have placed a wool blanket on the back seat of the car so Skye will not be chilled.


We are stockpiling coffee logs for the fireplace.  Real wood snaps and crackles, making Skye run and hide.


Gardens are being cut down, tidied up and let sleep for the winter.  Colds and sore throats are beginning to impact our state of mind.


Melancholy is beginning to set in.


Short days, cold nights.  Bundle up.  I’ll put on my happy hat next time ;c)

6 thoughts on “Random (somewhat maudlin) November thoughts”

  1. I remember what those days are like…a sort of semi-hibernation begins kicking in, doesn’t it? Those first chilly days are tough..until you get used to the crispness and begin routinely bundling up to meet it.
    Transitions are never easy!

    1. Yes, semi-hibernation is right :c) I’ve already burned one log today and now, freshly back from our afternoon dog walk, there is a cover of snow on the ground (as there was on my shoes!) heralding a trip to buy new winter boots — and the necessity to put the little sports car (the mans) in the garage for the winter. Can’t wait to see Florida in February ;c)

  2. The Community Garden’s gate is locked up, so I guess its official, winter is on the brink. I generally take my walks in that area and a few diehard gardeners are still active. Some of them might have a wee Coleman stove heating a pot of coffee, tucked away in their summer shelters while others are from a line of hardworking country men who have worked outside all their lives. I may drag my shovel with me and spread a bit of compost here or there or move a bag of woodchips to my pathways, so I’ll have some place to stand next spring when the garden is mostly underwater.

    1. Libby, crumb! I meant to lift a few plants in my plot before the gate was locked. We have made the decision to move along in our allotment journey — it has just been too much work for us to garden through the week and then keep up with the allotment on the weekend. It doesn’t help that we are surrounded by weeds (especially ragweed) by harvest time and I can’t breathe while I’m picking tomatoes…Hopefully someone will take over from us and be able to give it more time.

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