Forgotten garden


This is a sunny glade that is on one of our regular walking tours.  It is an abandoned and overgrown property where a house and garden once stood.


These ‘ditch’ lilies are somehow magical in this context – the last vestige of a cultivated garden.  I have also seen two everlasting sweet peas, almost swallowed up by weeds, as well as several raspberry plants.

In the spring, there is this –


A remembrance of gardens past…

2 thoughts on “Forgotten garden”

  1. ditch lilies! my favorite of all!
    Had I realized I wouldn’t be able to find any here in Florida, I’d have dug up a bunch of clumps and taken them with me when we moved. I can’t even find a place that sells them here OR online. Such a bummer!

  2. On back roads, all around Ottawa, ditch lilies flourish. We can also spot the asparagus plumes, lilac or rose bush draped casually over a fence line. I always assume that an old farm house existed is the vicinity but perhaps they are simply wildflowers that have ended up at the road edge.

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