Melancholy and spectacle in Montreal


Happy Canada Day!

Last week I went on a day trip with a good friend to Montreal.  We decided to take the train so that we wouldn’t have to contend with the highway traffic getting in and out of the city.  Express there, business class back.  Hint:  Take business class!


I had never taken the train to Montreal before and hadn’t in fact been to the city in several years.  The approach was largely industrial with a flavour that reminded me very much of New York City.


But with lots of vegetation.  It was hard to tell what was abandoned and what was active.


The day was overcast and there was melancholy in the air.


But we were there to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and suddenly everything changed.


Chihuly is a glass artist who is inspired not only by the reflective quality of his medium but also by colour and water.


Magical, rich, evocative …


What is this strange underwater world?  How can such a rigid medium exhibit such fluidity?


What is the story here?


I love these writhing forms.  A snake and giraffe party on a boat.


Bowls of fire…


If you get a chance, go to this spectacular show.


2 thoughts on “Melancholy and spectacle in Montreal”

  1. WOW!!!!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful having a piece of this art in your home. Every time you look at it, a different story is revealed.

    I particularly like the Party Boat.

    1. Wow is right Libby :c) Yes, I liked the party boat too. It was life size so wouldn’t really fit in my house. They did have some original pieces in the gift store but they were small and *very* expensive :c(

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