Who dumped the sugar?

There has been copious amounts of snow lately.


So much that I had to shake my Amur maple to get up our front path.  Because if I hadn’t, this kind of thing would surely happen.


The snow is wet and heavy due to the near zero temperatures.  It is sticking to everything.


And it isn’t stopping for a while yet.  The skies remain grey for miles and miles.


It is slow slogging where foot paths have yet to compress the new snow.


But it is so beautiful I have to keep stopping and taking it all in…


The evergreens are shrouded and weighted down.  Why do I think of this image?



By the end of our walk, my jacket is open and my mitts are off.  It looks like winter but it feels like spring.


5 thoughts on “Who dumped the sugar?”

  1. Beautiful pics, Ailsa. Here on the ‘Wet Coast’ when we do get snow it is the same. Very heavy and sticky and causes all kinds of damage to trees and shrubs. None to speak of this year, thank goodness!

    1. Hadn’t thought of it that way Laurel, but of course you’re right. Maybe that’s why things grow so fast out there – to make up for the heavy snow breakage! Any snowdrops yet?

      1. Yes, snowdrops have been out for a while and are finishing. Daffs are up and almost ready to open. Lots of crocuses and today I saw my first cherry blossoms of the year!

  2. I bet Sky Dog enjoyed walking in the snow and I see he has his eye on some ducks that have overwintered in the area.

    I don’t think I could take a long walk in the snow we had. Someone walking later in the day,
    might have found me lying in the snow waiting for God to accept a Snow Angel into Heaven.

    1. That’s a great image Libby. Yes, the more snow we get, the more inclined I am to throw myself down on it too and say ‘Please stop! I’ve had enough!’ Spring can’t come soon enough :c)

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