3 thoughts on “Sundown with apple tree”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos and dear comments. I especially loved Sky Dog. She is beautiful and I’m so happy that she is doing well after her Cancer issue. I have a Border Collie too, his name is Logo and is my best 4 legged friend. He has also had some severe health issues and almost died twice. We found out after the second incident that he can’t have the normal dog vaccines. He can only get the Rabies vaccine because it’s a dead virus.

    Thanks again, I really enjoyed your post…..
    Peggy in North Carolina

  2. Peggy, I am so happy you like the blog and especially that you love Skye-dog. She is my special girl as Logo is your special boy. It sounds like he has cheated death in order to stay with you! Our holistic vet recommends that Skye no longer receive vaccines and had a rabies ‘titer’ when we vacationed in Florida this past winter. You might want to look into titers for your Logo.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I will share that with our vet. We’ll be going on vacation soon.
    Blessings to you and your family.

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