Blue interlude

Today, mountains of snow, fallen before Christmas, are melting.  The sky is grey, the air is almost warm, but the streets are dirty and the remaining snow is granular and sticky ….

Days like this are so predictable here; they usually arrive with ironic precision around Winterlude time, but this year, they are thwarting any possible January opening for our record-long skating rink along the canal.

So this kind of dreary day demands a serious interlude.  I present you with beach, ocean, cloudy blue sky (hey? you gonna be picky?), warmth and a marguerita, for good measure.  Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Blue interlude”

  1. Aw! lovely, but I am not one to sit in the sun. How about adding a black & white dog and a ball. Don’t touch the marguerita, I’ll be back for that.

    1. Well you’re in luck Libby — it was cloudy that day lol! And yes, there are plenty of margueritas to go around …. ;c)
      But the black and white dog prefers the snow; no surprise there!

    1. Oh, I love that turn of phrase Karen: “when sun splits the rocks into sand”. That’s exactly what it feels like. I embrace these holiday moments I’ve had and at will, I can close my eyes and re-live the feeling.

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