Are you into New Year’s resolutions?  I’m not.

My primary feeling is that I will try to improve from day to day, never mind a new year.  So I could always exercise more, pass up moments of compulsive eating or drinking, spend more time playing with Skye-dog and basically just saying ‘thank you’ for the good stuff and acknowledging it more than I do now.  Being more mindful of my time here and taking more care.  Taking it slow. That includes more deep breathing when I’m up against aggressive, rude and just plain bad drivers.

So I consider these not so much New Year resolutions but nudgings for the long-term.



4 thoughts on “Resolutions”

  1. I feel exactly the same way but especially like your redefinition: “nudgings for the long-term,” is the best way to consider positive change. Incremental steps is where it’s at!
    Happy New Year. 🙂 I look forward to learning more from you as 2013 unfolds!

    1. Well this year will be a milestone year for me and I am looking forward to what lays in wait. I, too, will try to spend more time with my animals, attend more agility trials but slowing down in other aspects of my life and breathe easier. I hope that I will be able to take each day that comes and appreciate them no matter what it may bring. I, too, like your, “nudgings for the long-term”. Happy New Year.

      1. Sue, you’re hinting at something big…retirement maybe? That would be great if you could use the extra time to be with the dogs and breathe. I hope to hear more…Happy New Year to you and the pooches!

    2. Happy New Year to you to Karen! It seems a lot less overwhelming and more manageable when we try to implement change all year long — sort of like buying Christmas presents all year (which I never do, btw lol!) — but I like the idea.

      I’m also looking forward to more things to see and talk about this year. I’ve got a trip to Francis Cabot’s famous garden Les Quatres Vents planned and can’t wait to show you all!

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