Autumn walks

These October days are full of surprises.  Sometimes the mornings are blissful and Skye decides its warm enough to jump into the beyond after a barely distinguishable stick.

And there are a few more opportunities on our afternoon walks to relish the shocking reds and golds against the blue, blue skies.

And we walk along, breathing in the crisp autumn air.  Loving the wispy green of grass, the crisp leaves  underfoot and the silence that this time of year brings.

There is such beauty if you stop to look.

I relish these walks.  They bring me to a place where I can breathe again; something we all need in such a hectic world.

Take time.  Find a place to walk.  Take a dog with you.  It only makes the experience 100 times better…

5 thoughts on “Autumn walks”

  1. Unrelated to this blog post but on the article in the citizen titled Lessons from the Garden. I really enjoyed it. My friend and I are on our second year of allotment gardening and boy, your article sounds just like us. I’ve done a few blogs of our experiences with weeds and bugs and mistakes and yes, even some bounty.

    1. Thanks Barb! I really appreciate you saying you enjoyed reading it. I do usually post links to my column on my Twitter feed :c) I’m glad you’re a kindred allotment gardening spirit!

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