Longwood Gardens: Part I

Back in August I went on a trip with my very good friend, Patti, and trekked to both Chanticleer and Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

Funnily enough, she warned me that Longwood would be a disappointment after we had visited Chanticleer (see my post on this wondrous garden to understand what she meant).  I foolishly believed her.  So when we approached the entry building and saw these wonderful plantings, I said to myself  “Really?”  Readers, what do you think?

What an interesting take on a green, white and silver garden.

I would never, ever in my entire life think of combining this pale Sanseveria with ghost fern, giant white periwinkle and euphorbia!


I love this combination, in fact, I just love papyrus.  Especially in planters.  A great alternative to grasses.

What I loved about this elegant entrance garden is the way in which it sets the stage for what’s inside:

Glorious displays of colour.  And more unexpected combinations.  Here, its a squat Agave surrounded by fan flower and in the right background those spiky, vertical plants are actually a form of Sanseveria (S. cylindrica)!

And in case you thought that the gardeners at Longwood (over 500 of them!) had a thing for cool colours only, you’re most definitely wrong.


Does this whet (Patricia?) your appetite?

More Longwood coming…. ;c)

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