Road trip! Two very distinct and breath-taking American gardens

I am so incredibly inspired and over the moon about the two gardens that we’ve just visited over the past two days.

The first was Chanticleer, in Wayne, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) –

and  this…

and this…

To Longwood Gardens, in Kennett Square, near Philadelphia as well –

and this –

and not least of which, things like this –

What an incredibly enriching experience, of which I’ll tell you a lot more about when I get home…


3 thoughts on “Road trip! Two very distinct and breath-taking American gardens”

  1. Now Chanticleer is near the top of my list of gardens to visit. Last week James Golden posted some great photos of Chanticleer. Hope you will share more of your thoughts when you return.

  2. Ang & Jeanette,
    Yes – they were *both* fantastic in different ways. Jeanette, I saw that post of James’ and couldn’t read it because I knew I was poised to go myself — didn’t want to spoil my experience lol! But now I will go back and give it a look so I can compare it to my impressions.
    And yes, I will be writing about it as well – it was a garden *I* had also been wanting to go to for years and it didn’t disappoint. We arrived half an hour early and parked outside the gate to make sure we got a parking spot….we joked it was our ‘horticultural mecca’ so driving eight hours to get there was no big deal.

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