August angst

It rained and rained and rained today – finally!  So we went for a walk in the woods.

Why is it that August brings with it some kind of seasonal ‘fast forward’, so that before we can even turn around, the summer is over?  ‘Back to school’ commercials, cooler nights and leaves lashed to the ground with this refreshing rain — all of it makes me kinda nervous.  Probably because I hated grade school.

There.  I feel better again.

8 thoughts on “August angst”

  1. Aw rain, at last. Looks like it will continue all weekend unless the weather man is wrong again. If it does rain, I won’t get to Kingston for the Sheep Dog Trials which I have been told is a great way to spend a day.

    As for the coming autumn we can look forward to harvesting our gardens, admiring the changing leaves, rain to replenish the ground, rivers and lakes and later snow angels, sliding on the seat of your pants, snow shoes, skiing and those sweet little birds that come to an outstretched hand for a few seeds.

    And then its time to receive garden catalogues and dream of spring.

    1. My lord Libby! You’re already looking to next spring! You see – that’s just what I mean ;c). Great positive attitude though; I need to see if my tomatoes are ready yet; are yours?

      1. Yes, the tomatoes are ready. I’ve been picking for the last couple of weeks. Look out for Japanese Beetles. They are doing a number on my beans. Also lot of voles around the gardens and they have been nibbling on veggies for moisture and even tunnelling into the potato hills and eating potatoes.

    1. Yes, BC Advice – there are lots of lovely walking trails close by. I know what you mean about time passing faster — I really treasure every last plant and flower because it seems everything is so fleeting in my 50s!

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