The power of the leaf

When is a leaf not simply a leaf?

I was going through some of my spring photos and discovered that I have a fascination with foliage tapestry.

Of course, the value of interesting foliage that maintains its colour and integrity all season long cannot be understated, like the ‘Halcyon’ hosta above or the Epimedium rubrum above that.

But this value is not simply a singular leaf but interesting relationships.  Even if they’re found naturally, without the “benefit” of our hand or design.  I almost love these the most – they are such a beautiful surprise.

Flowers aren’t everything.

7 thoughts on “The power of the leaf”

    1. Thanks Karen; yes, I think that not only are many leaves tapestries unto themselves, but they also form tapestries in combination with others. This is a lesson I learned from my mainly shady garden where colours are muted and one must rely on more subtle differences in effect.

  1. I love hosta & ferns but garden in full sun.

    Enjoyed your recent article in the Ottawa Citizen. Was just looking at it again, but now I can’t put my hands on it. It must be fun exploring other people’s gardens.

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