When the past peaks through

A visit to the Distillery District in Toronto left me with some unexpected feelings.  We ventured there in the hopes of finding a great restaurant but left again when we found not only very expensive parking but few dining options.  I was surprised to experience an overwhelming feeling of desolation.  The opposite of what one should expect to feel in a ‘gentrified’ and purified pocket of a big city — I felt its gritty and utilitarian past.

The sun had not gone down yet, but the light was dimming and there were few people around.  Granted, it was not yet summer so perhaps not the time of year for crowds and outdoor lingering.  And I know these still-life were staged for the benefit of visitors like us —

But I didn’t mind.

I would have loved to have visited a museum that chronicles Toronto’s distillery past in this area — if only to honour its past and those people who worked here.

2 thoughts on “When the past peaks through”

  1. Great shots Ailsa and I so agree with you about the Distillery District – way over rated but nice to see the old buildings put to use.

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