Inspired front gardens

I was away on the weekend and saw some beautiful gardens …

Could this Euonymus be any more beautiful?

For a garden that fronts on a busy, main street and abuts a parking lot, it is truly a jewel.  One of the best, most effective characteristics of a garden is the element of mystery.  This walkway with a solid gate at the end is breathtakingly enticing.  I met the woman who has lived here for over 30 years but since she was leaving and we were strangers, I couldn’t bring myself to ask to see her hidden garden.  Maybe one day.

My experience in Savannah and Charleston with courtyard gardens hidden behind beautiful iron fences has me enamoured of any such display.  The border sedum seed heads that were left over the winter are now a perfect echo of the new foliage on the Bloodgood Japanese maple.  I think most of us might have chopped them off without a second thought.  Clearly the gardener here is totally in tune with their plants and their visual effect.

Luckily this one was free for all passersby to view.

As was this one.  Both with beautiful use of natural stone.

Note the low, picket fence that acts as more of a garden feature than a barrier.

7 thoughts on “Inspired front gardens”

  1. i”m quite surprised that gardens are so far along in Toronto! I lived in Massachusetts my entire life until 2 yrs ago and nothing looked like that til well after mid may! Is this typical of Ontario?

    1. We had extraordinarily warm/hot temps for a week or two in March and this brought everything along much more quickly than usual. Although, because Toronto is right on the lake, they are lucky enough to have a much more gentle winter than we do in Ottawa. In protected spots downtown, plants can come along quickly.
      The first pic was from Port Hope, just outside of Toronto, but also right on Lake Ontario.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I do too James. I struggle to make my own plantings easy on the eye rather than distractions, which can often happen with too many plants! Less is almost always more.

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