Is it April already?

Hey!  Where did March go and why is April almost half over?!

And still, why does it seem to be taking so long for the trees to leaf out?  I think it was that spell of record temperatures in March that led me to believe that everything would be green by now.  It seems the flower buds on my serviceberry tree have been puffy for weeks now, and yet, still no blooms…

Never mind.  This time of year challenges us to see the beauty and colour without being hit in the face with it.

After a rain, this young alder shows an amazingly apple green trunk.

Here, the sides  facing the sun are already dry and silvery, while the dampness on the shady side brings out the colour.

Although this tree can no longer support leaves, its stump still provides life.  A host for insects hence a food source for woodpeckers and a home for bracket fungus.  A world unto itself.

These spring ephemerals are just beginning to poke their heads through the forest litter, giving very little hint that in a couple of weeks (or sooner!) they will look like this:

And soon, Skye will be able to freely graze again….

In the meantime, there are some stunners already blooming:

Unlike Scilla sibirica (Siberian squill), who bow their blue heads to the sky, these Chionodoxa forbesii (Glory of the Snow) in my spring garden are basking in the sunshine!

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