Signage: funny and then just plain weird

Seen this before but still love it …

We’ve all unwittingly wandered into “these types” of restaurants …

Is it just me or doesn’t a well-dressed 12 year old make everyone want to buy a Toyota?

Hmmm…baby back ribs and the Bible-belt.

Alas, no one was home – :c(

As I’ve said before:  Florida is home to the very small dog.

Molest??!  What, is this a common problem?

2 thoughts on “Signage: funny and then just plain weird”

  1. I thought pets in a stroller were only seen in children’s story books (example: little girl dresses up dog and tries to force into stroller). The baby back ribs placement with the anti-abortion ad is stomach turning. Great collection of signs!

    1. Thanks Beth! I also thought the ‘pets in a stroller’ sign was tongue-in-cheek — until I saw pet strollers for sale! The epitome of anthropomorphizing your dog … Skye would be mortified. And yes, Planned Parenthood seems a foreign concept in much of the southern US. :c(

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