Are you a gardener? Take this simple test …

This is a test.

Depending upon how you view these pictures, you are a gardener or not.

Do you think:

a) “What a mucky mess; glad it’s still crisp enough* that I don’t have to go out there and clean up quite yet.”  (     )

b) Whatever.  Glad the snow is gone!  (     )

c) Boo hoo.  No more skiing…     (     )

d) HALLELUJAH!  Snowdrops or Galanthus nivalis( √  )

…and other sure signs of life!

So, are you a gardener?  Or like me, a gardener who clearly didn’t tidy up last fall!

* Of course, there was nothing ‘crisp’ about the day today.  It was an astounding 24 degrees Celsius, which is a record by leaps and bounds since 1939, when the last highest temperature that was recorded reached 16.1 in 1966!  And this whole week is supposed to have temperatures north of 20 … is it really March?

9 thoughts on “Are you a gardener? Take this simple test …”

  1. I to am a gardener who didn’t completely tidy up last fall. Yesterday I sat in the middle of my vegetable/flower garden and watched the birds and wished I had brought my clippers and rubber boots with me. Today I was prepared with rubber boots, clippers and a rake. I used the rake to clear the drainage ditch beside 4 gardens so the duck farm could drain. Last year a pair of ducks liked to sit in the water in my garden. I didn’t use the clippers cause I was too tuckered out. Maybe tomorrow.

    1. How wonderful Libby that you had a duck couple in your garden! I guess they’ll have to find another ‘pond’ to hang out in this spring. I am with you in that I did some work in my garden today and am also ‘tuckered out’! I’ll have to build up slowly to get my stamina back. How warm is it where you are?

      1. I’m from Ottawa, ON. I believe it reached +18*C today. Not as warm as Sunday but I will take it.

        Yes the ducks will have to swim somewhere else this year. Its surprising just how fast the water is vanishing into the ground.

  2. We have 1500 square feet of tall perennials and grasses in our front yard so we kept most of it for winter interest. So I guess you could say we purposely didn’t “tidy up” until yesterday. I knew today would be too hot! Richard did most of the cutting down since he had the Japanese folding saw and I had a small pair of pruners. Not much of a winter this year- seems like only yesterday that the asters and persicaria were in bloom. Like the nakedness of the land this time of year

    1. That’s a huge front garden Jeanette! It must have been spectacular with the wands of grasses and seed heads this past winter. I don’t blame you for leaving them in place. I also find the pruning saw is easier for cutting – much less wrist action resulting in sore hands!
      I also love the nakedness; you can see the ‘bones’ and nothing is flopping or mildewy…

  3. I’m WWG (world’s worst gardener!) I really enjoy working out in the heat, but I love seeing my plants come up. When they bloom, I’m in heaven.
    Love the “heavenly” pic of your snowdrops.

    1. I also enjoy working in the heat Susan; nice to feel the sun on your face and shoulders again. I almost love the foliage even more than the blooms, which often are fair-weather friends…
      Sometimes you can’t get a fair look at some blooms unless you are down on the ground pointing the camera at their faces ;c)

  4. Spring cleanup time for me – I’ve been raking and pruning and tidying. Still much too do, but so nice to see the spring bulbs coming up. Love the spring!

    1. I did some raking and tidying yesterday as well Beth. It’s crazy warm here (over 8 degrees Celsius warmer than the previous record!) and everybody just can’t contain themselves. I love the spring too. Just remember: don’t prune anything that is a spring bloomer, like forsythia and azaleas, or else you’ll miss out on blooms!

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