The Paris Market – in Savannah!

Savannah, Georgia, brought us many surprises.

As a recovering retailer, I still get a twinge when I find a store that I would love to own.  Such is The Paris Market on 36 West Broughton Street in downtown Savannah.

This ‘consumer experience’ has it all:  toiletries, decorative accents for the home, books, childrens toys, jewelery, candles, furniture, bedding, tableware … and more!

I wandered into this place on our last day in this wondrous city and stumbled around, speechless, looking at all the beautifully chosen items but also at the inspired vignettes that were everywhere.

I love creams, balms, brushes, sprays and soaps as much as the next girl, but it wasn’t until the lovely ex-Aix-en-Provence sales woman behind the counter said, “Take a look downstairs – it is beautiful down there as well,” that I knew I had entered my very own retail Nirvana.

Here.  Try to resist.  I dare you.

Are you still with me?

Is this not a treasure trove?

You’ll be lucky to get out of here with your life….and your wallet.

The details here are so striking, you’ll be haunted by them.

Go.  If you get a chance.  And spend.  You won’t find another store like this.  Anywhere.

2 thoughts on “The Paris Market – in Savannah!”

  1. If you have money, you can spend money. There’s well over a $100,000 worth of stock here, not to mention the fixtures and the costly rental space. Also, I do not see many customers – maybe you moved them out of the way to take the pictures. This place is more like a trinket museum than a functioning retail store. I wonder how much the city puts into it through advertising and other types of promotion. Also, I imagine there is no HST (the Americans have a thing about sales taxes). Quebec city probably has places like this as a result of its history, provincial and federal money, and a major tourism effort. Retail can flourish with senior government infrastructure and promotional support, especially with an historical background to exploit. One thing I have to say: the Americans have a strong entrepreurnial spirit which seems to pervade both government and private enterprise. More power to them.
    Jack Francis.

    1. Yes, you’re right Dad; Savannah appears to be flourishing as a tourist mecca, and the government does seem to be paying attention. But since we didn’t visit the Visitor Information Centre when we entered it, I don’t know if they are heavily promoting this particular business – but I’m sure they are promoting businesses, events as well as private and subsidized tourist attractions in general. And yes, there were customers there and I just took the pictures without them LOL! In terms of tax, they don’t have our level of tax so it was well below 10%, which makes buying a bit less of a stretch. I don’t know how many resident Savannah-ites buy in downtown; it looked to me like it was largely tourists but I think the winter months are the busiest months since the summer brings *very* hot temperatures.

      Your thought that it appears to be more of a museum than a retail store is a good one and I think this is one of the reasons why it suits me AND suits the town.

      As a business, I wish them only good luck. I am sad when I see the larger landscape of strip malls and samey-same stores.

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