Florida snapshots

I had to share with you some more images from our time in the Citrus State, Florida.

These are the giant, multiple trunks of a Ficus benjamina tree on Anna Maria Island, off the coast of Florida, just south of St. Petersburg.

There were lizards everywhere.  This one clearly has wanderlust.

This beauty is Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri, colloquially known as the donkey ear plant, but it has many other common names: Giant Kalanchoe, Good Luck Leaf, Leaf of Life, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf, Palm Beachbells, Sprout Leaf Plant, Sprouting Leaf and Tree of Life.  Wow; it is not your little florist’s kalanchoe.  It is a monster that is native to Madagascar but will live practically anywhere, in a tropical climate, that is.

The flower spikes reach upwards to 2 and 3′, making themselves available to hungry hummingbirds.

What a striking partnership; this kalanchoe with Pennisetum setaceum, straw coloured but essentially evergreen by late winter in Florida.

Have you ever seen a bromeliad (Aechmea fasciata) so large?!  I actually looked under its ‘skirt’ of leaves to see if it was in a raised pot, but no, it wasn’t!

A Florida still-life.

And a living still-life.

Some trees just need a helping hand.

Honestly?  Talk about a balancing act… it would help if they had tails!

5 thoughts on “Florida snapshots”

  1. For me, Florida is the Spanish moss in the background of your bromeliad picture. Florida is also driving past the orange groves in central Florida and smelling the orange pulp near the big Donald Duck orange juice plant. And lots and lots of fire ants.

    Lovely photos. So glad you are having a nice break from winter.

    1. Oh, I’m glad you mentioned the Spanish moss Beth. Stay tuned ;c)
      I also remember the orange groves in our last visit ten years ago – they were on the east coast and this time we were on the west. But I don’t remember the Donald Duck orange juice plant! However, I have been living in fear of fire ants having had them jump onto my head in Mexico many years ago – but that’s another story. Our main pest so far has been the sand burrs that stick in your feet and Skye’s feet! Ouch!

      I’ve been loving seeing our holiday through the photos I’ve taken – glad you’re enjoying them too!

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