New ‘Old’ Florida

We went to Anna Maria Island today and took in some laid-back, small-town Florida living.

Although these homes are small by St. Pete standards (or anywhere else in any other marina/beach/yacht community within Florida, for that matter), they are nonetheless very charming and also very pricey; even cottage-y homes are approaching half a million dollars!

Although I normally dislike homes with garages in front, this would be an exception…

I could also live here :c)

This home was actually on the main street that ran through Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island.  I had to stop the car and turn around to get this picture.  What’s up with the sand dune with sea oats and coral rock in the front yard?   Well I’ll tell you:  it is hiding a swimming pool!   Genius.

3 thoughts on “New ‘Old’ Florida”

    1. Yes, Libby, you better get a passport! Florida might be calling your name — or anywhere else warm, for that matter….

      But seriously, there are also plenty of homes in Florida that are not nearly as perfect as these but are bargains, due to the housing crisis. There are a ton of ‘for sale’ signs everywhere. It is sad that homeowners are not seeing a return on their investments right now and that many have found that they owe more on a home than it is currently worth. We saw one in the neighbourhood we’re staying for under $120k; almost half of what the owner had originally paid before the bubble burst!

      1. I have a Cdn. friend who inherited her Mother’s home in Miami and she is selling because as a Cdn she had to pay taxes that are approx. 3 times the amount someone from Florida pays. Canadians need to investigate all the disadvantages of living there before they buy.

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