A foodie interlude

I am always on the search for the best latte.  And I believe I may have found it.  Here.

Now, I prefer to believe that this luscious, creamy, rich and nutty cuppa was made with skim milk, even though I neglected to ask for it that way.   This will allow me to believe it was a ‘low-cal’ indulgence.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

This amazing coffee originates from the Metropolis Coffee Company in Chicago, but you can also buy it by the bag here in this independent and friendly cafe in Indian Shores, Florida.  I might just have to bring some home…

And in the same spirit, I believe that this jackpot — that is, this incredibly moist, flavourful, gigantic and scrumptuous muffin was also calorie free.  It was the orange cranberry one and they make them all here, in house.   I say you should have one flavour every day and then start over again.

This foodie interlude was brought to you by the Indian Shores Coffee Company, my kind of place.

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