Where have we been??

We departed on a Saturday, mid-day, after picking up the ‘car’ the umpteenth time from the garage after even more repair work.  But we would not be daunted.

Most of our luggage consisted of doggie paraphernalia and health supplements.

The cooler mainly consisted of two weeks worth of home-made doggie food.  And the other bag had a selection of sandwiches, muffins, fruit and almonds (emergency protein for the long days of driving).

It was no mean feat getting everything into the back of the beast.  Especially with the two dog beds:  one here, and the other in the back seat.  And we know she’ll still want to sleep on our bed….

Does she look happy to you?  Trust me, Skye-dog — it will be worth it in the end…

Are you happy now?  I think so…

But wait, I get ahead of myself.  Let’s go back…there was this:

Where we saw this …

… a beautiful specimen of Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape holly); not entirely hardy for us in Ottawa unless its planted in a protected spot with shade from the sun and north-westerly winter winds.

Boy, those yews are manicured like nobody’s business!

And then there was this…

And after more of this, we finally found these lovelies:

But not before, in an effort to save a few bucks, we stayed here:

… where we passed on taking a swim…

But we did need to stock up on supplies so we shopped here:

… where I bought this magazine –

No, not that one; the Country Living … (!)

So now we’re in the land of pretty, zinnia-like weeds …

… and giant, shrub-like zonal geraniums (Pelargonium) and –

… ibis (ibi?) on a wire (!)

But, really, I have three words for you:

1.  Salad?  As in, “Where are the salads?”  Almost nothing but fried food.  Jamie, where are you?


2.  Sand burrs.

I already pulled about six from between Skye-dog’s toes and several more from the soles of *our* feet!


But there will be lots more of this in the coming days!

4 thoughts on “Where have we been??”

    1. You’re right about that Beth! Although the only time i travelled with small children was when I was one of them…
      Although Skye-dog was happy to swim in the ocean, it cost us $5.85 in tolls and admission charges and took about half an hour to get there! You see, in Florida (as in most parts of the US, I’m guessing) dogs can only go on the beach and into the ocean (off-leash) far, far away from normal, dog-less people. Don’t get me started on this one……:c)

  1. Good thing you explained the magazine purchase. For a minute there I thought you were contemplating a shotgun wedding.

    All kidding aside, if you have to go missing, this is a great place to find you. Have fun and think about all the pale skinned Canadians who wish they were there with you.

    1. Well actually there are *tons* of pale-skinned Canadians who got here first! It was like a convoy of RVs and packed sedans from across the border coming down here; Ontario and Quebec license plates everywhere.

      Skye is convinced that every moment of the day here is ‘frisbee time’ so has been bringing it around to everyone she meets…otherwise she is making sure the resident Weimeraner doesn’t get it!

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