Winter sun and snow

There is a quality to the light and it’s effect on the forest that renders the result nothing short of beautiful.

Walking through the quietness, with no other sounds but the tweet of a chickadee or the rapping of a woodpecker, if you listen carefully you might hear the sleushing of water next to the sleeping river.

And you see how the afternoon shadows distort the body of Skye-dog…

She is on a diet, but she’s not *that* gigantic!

And I’m not that tall and skinny!

I often pass this majestic butternut tree, on this day basking in the sunshine.  I have seen it for about twenty years now; it has been in slow decline due to ‘butternut canker’ (a fungus that enters through a wound and slowly kills the tree from the lower to upper canopy).

These Paper Birch trees will probably also succumb; their nemesis is the bronze birch borer.  This is the reason why most nurseries have pulled back on selling these species of birch (Betula papyrifera and B. pendula) in favour of the supposedly borer-proof and native, River Birch (Betula nigra).

There are little surprises in the snow…

… and then there are big surprises.

4 thoughts on “Winter sun and snow”

    1. Yes Beth — a bunnie! We often see them and thankfully I have convinced Skye-dog that she needn’t chase them…I say when she spies one, “its just a bunnie; leave it alone” and miraculously, she does.

  1. Happy New Year greetings Ailsa,
    are you sure its a Beaver in the water?, looks like a deep sea diver to me…and Skye dog has turned into a Kangaroo….what exactly are you feeding her…I am worrried

    1. No need to worry Jo ;c) Skye-dog is no kangaroo and is only eating the best home-made grub.
      We are on the road at the moment — blog post with details to come … stay tuned…

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