Rolling woolly desert!

Look what I did today!

This succulent and cacti planter was commissioned by the plant-loving owner of MediaStyle, Ian Capstick.   Ian and I first met when he worked as a ‘barista’ at our local Starbucks when I ran Hortus Urbanus.  Little did I know that while I was forming a personal attachment to non-fat, decaf lattes, Ian was developing a profound love of plants.

So when he was looking for inspiration for his new office space in downtown Ottawa, he contacted me.   Ian had already purchased a 2′ x 2′ woolly planter from these people, called Lil’ Meadow, and I had to think of a way to plant it up that would be striking and different.

Because their new office space had floor to ceiling west-facing windows, I thought a mini Arizona or desert garden would be interesting.  I used a selection of succulents and cacti, including some Haworthia, a Kalanchoe thyrsiflora and an assortment of my favourite succulent, Echeveria.

This planter will require very little care:  a little water, no significant fertilizing, bright light and hardly any tweaking (no falling foliage and few spent flowers).  I completed the project by finishing it off with a mulch of peastone.

And Ian was thinking ahead by placing it on a rolling platform so it can be turned this way and that, always seeking out the sun.

11 thoughts on “Rolling woolly desert!”

  1. Guess I have had my head in the sand and not in the soil, gardening soil that is. I have never heard of this type of planter. What a great product to be used by inner city dwellers with only a little space to plant with multiple plants, such as a vegetable garden. It could be placed on a yard fence or school yard fence and feed a family.

    By the way your mini desert is lovely.

    1. Yes, Libby, I hadn’t seen them in the flesh before either. But I seem to recall I had heard of them. We’ll have to see whether they take off — I imagined this one would leak all over the floor but so far, so good. And you’re right; the hanging ones especially would be a great solution for small spaces.

  2. I agree with Libby, th mini deserts are great.
    Generally speaking all three planters are a delight to the eye.
    Jack Francis.

    1. Thanks Dad! It may look like three but it’s three shots of only one! Three would have taken me *all* day! And yes, they are like mini-ecosystems that are best enjoyed in person.

  3. Wow – what a great idea! I have already started looking at my walls with a new eye -hmm, maybe move that painting and free up some wall space – hmmm.

    I remember Hortus Urbanus fondly – was one of my favourite places to stop in while waiting for my son to complete his guitar lessons 🙂

    Love your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Terry! If you give it a try on your walls, do be sure to let me know how it worked.
      And thanks for your memory of shopping at Hortus. Always loved to see Folklore Centre people…

    1. I thought it was a great idea too Annie! Makes following the sun much easier, as well as moving it around, since that’s one heavy planting. You have a lovely blog – I’m going to spend some time there now….

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