Snow and surprises…

There is something to be said for very clear, very cold winter days.  Something other than “it’s d*mn cold!”

Yesterday, the snow came down.  Hard.  And with very big flakes.

Covering everything and making a wonderland.

But amidst all this quiet, I heard fluttering and a familiar sound.  It was the sound of robins.  Lots of them.

Well of course you can’t see them (try clicking on the photo for a closer view) but take my word for it — a veritable gang of robins nibbling on the shrivelled fruit of buckthorn thickets and then taking a cool drink from an adjoining stream…

And then more — a pair of these birds.  Can you spot them?

Zoom in and see if you can identify them:  they have yellow breasts and a tuft on the tops of their heads.

But the real thrill came the day before while walking next to the river…

A beaver!  Right on the ice, like it was the most natural thing in the world — shouldn’t he be hibernating?

3 thoughts on “Snow and surprises…”

  1. Yes, it is gorgeous and have experienced it many times near Ottawa and where I grew up in London a few years back when!!

    Just now and for a few more weeks we are in Mexico -lots of greenery and warm-they grow most of their food naturally and taste tells!!

    Then there is the bountiful seafood -shrimp is especially plentiful -so much to be thankful for and we certainly are!!

    Greetings all!


  2. My own reply again!

    What a fabulous website-really!!

    By the way, us Canadian snowbirds planted a dozen tomato plants last week down here in Mexico just north of Puerto Vallarta! Second leaf growth is underway!!

    Best wishes.,


  3. The snow and your photos of it are gorgeous. With the winter, it is so much easier to see the birds and notice animal signs. Where I live, it has been very cold, but no real snow since the pre-Halloween blizzard. The air is hard and clear.

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