Christmas stories: Winter walk #1 and 2

If you asked my sister Michele, she would agree that it’s all in the writing and editing.  So here I present to you two very different Christmas stories:

Winter Walk #1

On Christmas morning, my trusty border collie Skye-dog and I set out to grandma’s house through the woods.  The snow was falling and soon Skye’s fluffy winter fur (that didn’t do a very good job of camouflaging her widening belly) was speckled in white flakes.

We walked further into the forest, past cryptic messages in hob-goblin language scrawled on a wall along the path…

We crossed over a foot bridge that is the home of a very fierce troll, who only comes out at night …

… Skye is always anxious as we pass through this part of the forest and looks cautiously into the undergrowth …

For this troll is always very hungry and when there are no rabbits around to feast on, it sometimes gnaws on tree trunks –

… or even rips the bark off trees to nibble –

But then, a sudden noise made us stop in our tracks …

… we heard a rustle and saw Little Red Riding Hood.  Skye approached her and asked, “Have you seen the vicious troll who lives under the bridge?”

“No,” she said.  And in a strange, muffled voice she continued, “But I have seen the tree strangling snake…”  and she pointed ahead.

But as she did so, her hood fell away and we saw that she wasn’t Little Red Riding Hood after all!

Skye gasped!

It was the only creature more ferocious than the troll:  the border collie eating Aussie!  Skye was so terrified, she turned on her tail and ran …

… and this is all that was left.

Winter walk #2

It was Christmas morning and the light along the river had a rosy glow.

We were on our way to Grandma’s house and had to travel through the woods, where the virgin snow had just fallen overnight.

The forest fairies had made log pathways along the woodland floor that showed us the way…

And the kindly woodsman had cut an opening through a fallen tree trunk that crossed our path.

The Viburnum fairies made sure the berries were visible so that we wouldn’t get lost…

And the cedar fairies raised their arms to let us through…

The notched tree trunk marked the turn in the path…

…and after walking most of the day, we finally saw the lights that beckoned us in.

Merry Christmas everyone, and to all a good night!

4 thoughts on “Christmas stories: Winter walk #1 and 2”

    1. Libby,
      I think I saw the troll at Home Depot buying pressure treated wood and nails. It could be that the fairies can’t get through the automated doors ;c)
      You’d at least think the woodsman would give them a hand….

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