Please Santa: bring Skye snow

I can’t believe that this is the extent of the snow we’ve had so far this winter!  What’s up with that?  Skye-dog is very disappointed.  As you may know her second favourite game is “two-ball”, which can be played satisfactorily during any season however is best when there is no snow.

But her first favourite is the “pouncing-on-frisbee-in-the-snow-and-whipping-it-between-her-legs” game.

This is the *only* reason I am asking for snow ;c)

2 thoughts on “Please Santa: bring Skye snow”

  1. For Skye’s sake and for all the kids that will receive skis, toboggans, sleds, etc for Christmas, I hope we get a pile of the white stuff. Plus I think my perennials would fair better under a deep covering of snow. The Ottawa weatherman says we will have to wait til after Christmas for this event. Maybe you could take Skye over to a skating rink and let him play in the white stuff that is spread outside after clearing the rinks.

  2. That’s a great idea Libby! I hadn’t thought of that. She would be over the moon. And yes, you’re right about the perennials. I’m looking at my garden now and there’s still a covering of leaves with all the perennials still intact, since I didn’t cut anything back – no time!
    There is a small hill near us that kids go to on Christmas Day with their toboggans and slippery things. But after a few have had their go, it’s almost snow-less, even when there’s been a significant snowfall, because it gets so much action. It is nice to see them out enjoying it though.

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