Pumpkins for the season

Halloween just isn’t long enough.

One of the things Martha Stewart Living magazine has always done very well is Halloween.  Lots of inspirational pumpkin carving, gorgeous displays and haunting photos. 
I’m showing you some of my favourites from over the years.
We loved Halloween at my shop Hortus Urbanus and I relished buying vintage-inspired decorations and creatures.  Decorating the place for October 31st was always a highlight for us and we dedicated a lot of time to it before the BIG season:  Christmas!  I’m only sorry I have no pictures to show you from it…
Nevertheless, many of our Halloween decorations came from a company that distributed a variety of seasonal items, called Department 56.  You can actually go to their website and buy directly or see where the store nearest you is selling this product.
Buying Halloween collectibles is becoming very popular and it’s very hard now to find choice pieces for a bargain!
Photo from Country Living magazine article on vintage Halloween collectibles; photo by Ryan Benyi
Country Living magazine; story about Bruce Elsass's halloween collection; photo Ryan Benyi

But I’m always drawn back to the incredible pumpkin carvings showcased in Martha Stewart Living magazine; they  are just spectacular!

And if you’re looking for autumn inspiration, without the scare-factor, this is for you:

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