Hortus Urbanus re-visited

It occurs to me that some of you visiting my blog might not have seen my store, Hortus Urbanus, before I closed it in 2007.

Was it really that long ago?!  It seems like yesterday.

When I first opened up and had custom window boxes built for the front, some naysayers warned that:

a) they’d be vandalized;

b) the city wouldn’t allow them; and,

c) in the winter, the sidewalk plows would rip them off.

But none of that deterred me and I filled and re-filled those planters every season (more than most because they were regularly vandalized) – a heart-breaking occurance whenever it happened!

Because, after all, containers full of seasonal plants were one of our specialties!

Not to mention hand-made statuary, stone benches, interesting wall fountains and lots of plants.

And my personal favourite, lots of pots…

We always had the front door open, if the weather allowed, to draw customers in:

It was a real thrill finding beautiful items to sell and placing them around the store so that they would be irresistible to everyone, including me!

I have since regretted that I didn’t take more of these beautiful things home myself; many of them probably won’t be found again since the makers are no longer in business, or the pieces were one-of-a-kind.  Another reason for us to grab things when we see them!

But of the items I did snag, these two gorgeous and incredibly heavy Italian terracotta pots and the hand-made bench are among them.  I’m still enjoying them years later…

4 thoughts on “Hortus Urbanus re-visited”

  1. I had no idea you were in retail. I can understand wishing you had bought more of the beautiful pots, plants and artworks that your store featured. If you were still in business, I’d be a customer.

  2. So beautiful, brings back wonderful memories of visiting your space, especially on the drab winter days! I have lots of items from your store so you can visit them here! Dried arrangements that are still going strong, statuary, arbour, pots….especially the rustic mexican ones- my favourite. My only regret was not buying those magnificent gargolyes but they needed a more refined space than I offered!

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