Please don’t eat my camera!

We didn’t realize upon entering Omega Park that there were tolls along the way.

“You’re not thinking of passing without paying me are you?”

“I will find something else to take if you don’t give me cash…”

Seriously, these beasties are incredibly bold; wouldn’t you be if there were streams and streams of cars passing by literally throwing carrots at your head?! 

“Enough carrots already!  We just wanna relax…”

This is a very strange experience.  You are one among an unending convoy of cars crawling through an expansive zoo, really.  Signs that say, “Don’t feed the bison” or “Don’t open your doors” or “Don’t hang out of the windows” are regularly disobeyed.  Squealing children, fathers driving painfully slowly while taking feature-films of the wildlife — it’s all here.  And if you want to cut your visit short because let’s say, you need any emergency potty break, or you’re just ‘done’, it’s like Ikea — you CAN’T GET OUT!  Well, you actually can if you look at the map but while we were there it was almost impossible to go against the traffic…because the roads were often just not wide enough and there were beasties in the way.


But there were also some magic moments.

That’s my 7 year old nephew Aidan being thrilled by a deer, CLOSE UP!


Really?  Honestly, I think these deer were medicated.  But why should they move?  The food keeps coming to them…much to the sheer joy of the kidlets.  Here it’s nephew Aidan and 2 1/2 year old niece Madeleine.

Whereas these close encounters were thrilling for the kids, I loved seeing the wolves.

Such majestic creatures and so cunning we all agreed that they probably leave their enclosures every night and wander, returning in the mornings to look inquisitively at the drivers-by (much like a Gary Larson cartoon).

A picturesque gathering of Bambis!

And I defy you to get a good picture of black bears from a distance … with your iphone, while you are driving.

In the end, after soft ice cream cones, coffee and a final goodbye, this is the memory with which we were left …

Although I have never been, I would stay at the Chateau Montebello and make a weekend of it if I were to visit again.  Just not on a holiday weekend…

2 thoughts on “Please don’t eat my camera!”

  1. Looks like a great place to spend a little time.

    I’m ashamed to say I have never been to Omega Park or Montebello. They are on my bucket list along with Kingsmere. When you garden, there is very little time off. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

  2. That’s okay Libby. I didn’t know about it until this year either! But Kingsmere?! No excuse there ;c) You’ll have to wait for next year though since Mackenzie King Estate closes after Thanksgiving. But if you do go next year, plan it for a weekday, arrive just after 4 p.m. (no parking fee, shhh!) and treat yourself to afternoon tea.

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