Early autumn glory

How did this happen? 

All of a sudden, there’s a chill in the air and leaves have begun to turn the richest scarlet.

But first, as always happens in our Septembers, is what is called ‘Indian Summer’.  The sun radiates mid-summer warmth and there is no cloud in the baby blue sky.

And Skye and I go on some of our last walks while I am still sleeveless and haven’t yet resorted to fleece and long pants.

“Did ‘choo say fleece?”

Never mind. 

If you look closely, you can see woodland gems along the way.

Autumn is mushroom time.

And some that don’t even look real…

The afternoon autumn sun filters through the leaves and illuminates the russet ferns on the forest floor.  One of those last hot days looks just like this:

And these afternoons are only made complete when you’re out with your best friend, where it’s quiet and all you hear are crickets and the warm breeze.

Get out and enjoy it while it’s still here!

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