Nisanyan Hotel, Turkey: Pack your bags!

Thank you Apartment Therapy for bringing this magical place to our attention.  It is the Nisanyan Hotel, not far from the ancient ruins at Ephesus, in Turkey.

Nisanyan House is considered one of Turkey’s finest hotels, yet it is a simple and friendly sort of place. It offers you beauty and peace, even a certain degree of elegance. The grounds are extensive, but they make you feel you own the place by yourself. No two units are quite alike. Each reflects the inspiration of the moment and the whimsy of experimentation.

It probably serves the best food within 100 miles, though you’d think it is mom and pop cooking. It has the most intricately detailed decor of any hotel in the country, yet it all feels perfectly spontaneous and casual.

Visitors often find themselves at a loss for words when describing the experience. They say things like “this is a place of spiritual awakening,” or “please, please, can we stay here forever!”

This place is on my bucket list.

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