Edible or Emerg?

Dinner or hospital?

These look like perfect giant button mushrooms and would make either a killer mushroom soup or a meaty addition to a stir fry.  I have never seen such pristine specimens before.

These were growing on the cleanly sawed off trunks of trees that had been cut and pushed out of the way on a path we frequent.  But, I would not even dare to take them and eat them for dinner.  I heard a story years ago of an acquaintance who was a seasoned mushroom forager and was fooled; he ended up in the hospital for several days recovering from mushroom poisoning.

After some sleuthing, I would hazard to say these were honey mushrooms, which usually grow on deciduous tree trunks and appear in clusters.  If I’m right, they are edible.  But, you know what, I’m not going to try.

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