Well hello Baldy.

I am so disappointed that I missed the ‘money’ shot here.  But I thought this one warranted a post.

This is our tiny backyard with a tiny back porch.  Take a look closely … on the railing.  ‘What is that?’ you ask.

Well, our garden has been adopted by a family of bluejays and the two youngsters (with almost bald heads but fully feathered bodies!) decided to splay themselves on our porch railing to get some sun.  So just a split second before I took this photo, there were two — a mirror-image — and now, there’s just one.  Click on the picture to see this fellow’s close-up and you’ll see the fluffy body and bald head for yourself.

Did you know:

Blue jays often mate for life;

Blue jays only live on the eastern half of North America;

Although many think of the blue jay as an aggressive bully and even an opportunistic predator when it comes to smaller birds, a study was performed analyzing the stomach contents of jays.  The results are quoted in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website and indicated that “of 530 stomachs examined, traces of bird eggs and nestlings were found in only 6 stomachs.”

Many but not all blue jays migrate to southern climates during the winter months but surprisingly, this phenomenon has not been well studied;

Blue jays have been credited with spreading the oak tree because of their ability to choose and bury acorns that are not infested with weevils;

Male blue jays gather materials for nesting while the female builds the nest;

Only the female jay incubates the eggs and stays with the young once they hatch; it is the male who gathers food to feed his mate and their young.

Bald blue jays are usually an indicator of juveniles undergoing their first molt.  Read here http://www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw/AboutBirdsandFeeding/BaldBirds.htm for more information on bald birds.

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