Love this Sea Kale! (oops)

In the midst of this heat wave that we’re having in eastern Ontario, I am drawn to plants that are in amazing condition, despite the drought.

Silver-leafed perennials are usually reliably drought tolerant.  I’m sure there’s a scientifically botanical reason for this, but I can’t tell you what it is.  Never mind; if you’ve got sun and withering heat, take note of this planting:

The ruffled blue leaves of Sea Kale (Crambe maritima) take centre stage here — don’t they resemble undersea coral? —  and some diminutive groundcovers (looks to me like a combination of thyme, bugleweed and in fact, strawberry) are filling the spaces between the stones.  In the rear is a grass that is likely a variegated Molinia, then a daylily and a single specimen of Viper’s bugloss (Echium vulgare) — I suspect the last is a volunteer, but how happy they all look in the heat.

2 thoughts on “Love this Sea Kale! (oops)”

  1. I love silver-leafed perrenials …actually I love all perennials as they mean I can just leave them to get on with things for themselves!
    This is a great colour and texture combo.

    i’ve really enjoyed reading your back posts. It was nice to see bits of Ottowa too as it’s about 30 years since I visited! (Where does time go to?)

    Thanks for a smashing blog!

  2. Thank you Nutty Gnome :c) I also think silver is essential in every garden since it provides a foil for darker coloured plants and does so well during droughts.

    Thanks for reading – I have to check out your blog, since I love UK gardens.

    All the best,

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