Aqua fit for dogs

What is she doing in the murky water?

Is she rehearsing a synchronized swimming routine?  Doggie aqua-fit?

No, it’s not; it’s a determined border collie trying to retrieve a ball. 

I made the mistake of taking her onto the dock and pointing at a popped tennis ball on the bottom of the river.  The only problem was it was in about three feet of water; too deep for her to stand and be able to look down without putting her face under the water.  This meant that she had to do a dance routine around and around and around and above it … putting her toes down and trying to move it up to her mouth. 

Problem is:  objects under water are further away than they seem (not to mention her lack of opposable thumbs).

She even once or twice put her whole head under the water — but alas, the ball was farther away than that. 

Although she was refusing to give up, I could only let this go on for so long and then …

I had to go in and get it myself.  Happy, happy dog.  You would have done the same thing, right?

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