Trialing (not trailing) annuals

Remember when I told you that I was going to get some free plants from Proven Winners?  And I was so excited?

 Well they came (last month actually but I didn’t report this right away because … well, keep reading…)

I can’t tell you how anxious I was to see what was in that box.  I recall ordering plants from places like Cruickshanks and Gardenimport, and I was always impressed to see how they engineered the containers and boxes so that everything always arrived in perfect condition.

So I dove right in and this is what I found:

What part of  does someone not understand????

So I took things out gingerly but soil was everywhere, stems were broken and some plants were miles away from even being in a pot. 

Of 18 plants (I say ‘plants’ as opposed to rooted cuttings that had barely made it through WWIII) I salvaged maybe 10 or 12.    *sad face*

I planted them, with their tags adjacent, in one of my nice clay pots out front.  This location is north facing but receives sun in the later hours of the afternoon.  And I am *very* happy to report that it is (somewhat miraculously) filling out nicely.


When everything is blooming, I’ll let you know what they’re called and how they’re holding up….


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