Groundcover yes, groundcover no

Desirable groundcover, yes. 

Wild European ginger (Asarum europaeum).

Desirable groundcover, yes. 

Hosta and sweet woodruff (Hosta cv. and Galium odoratum).

Desirable groundcover, no*.  But beautiful nonetheless. 

Lily of the valley and Horsetail (Convallaria majalis and Equisetum arvense).

*What I am referring to here is its desirability as a groundcover within a confined space in a constructed garden.  Both these plants are so vigorous that they will quickly colonize at the expense of any other plant.   So say goodbye to your choice specimens if you invite these two into your garden.

2 thoughts on “Groundcover yes, groundcover no”

  1. LOL Lis! Thankfully I haven’t needed to deal with it, although I’ve had lots of other uninvited guests in my small city garden. While I was reading about horsetails, I discovered they are somewhat like the cockroach or perhaps a better analogy, the horseshoe crab. Meaning, they have been here longer than we have so perhaps they’re wondering how to get rid of us! ;c) And, as you may have guessed, I favour old-fashioned digging…

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