4 thoughts on “Throw it dammit!”

  1. I thought so too :c)

    It reminds me of a woman who once wrote in to a border collie listserv I belonged to years ago saying that her new dog had gone berserk in the car during a rain storm. That is, it started chasing her windshield wipers – while she was driving!

  2. That looks like hard work. But it’s so satisfying to do and even more so when you get your first veg from it. Lovely dog. Our one is grey.

  3. Janet,
    Your comment confused me a bit until I realized you were talking about me digging over the allotment veggie garden! LOL! I wondered how anyone would get veggies from a border collie – but maybe your grey one is more talented than our Skye-dog (who’s not the dog in the video, btw, but is featured elsewhere on my blog). ;c)

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