Transition season

A spring-time walk in the woods is filled with marvels; not least of which is this pine, a victim of last week’s ferocious wind storm.

Walking with Skye-dog, looking down and making a point of seeing moments in time that are fleeting and will disappear when the heat comes.

Like these ferns, not yet unfurled, and encased in their ghostly white shrouds.  I’ve never noticed them at this stage before.  Have you?

And then this impossibly red cedar bracing root.  That is, the root is red, not the cedar, which is our native white cedar (Thuja occidentalis).

This is the time of year that will be over in a flash.  Once the temperatures start lingering over 15 degrees celsius, the heat will start to dry out the boggy patches and the sky turns summer blue. 

And out come the beavers and bugs!

And soon — dock diving!

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