Greening the *new* Red Apron

Over the last week, the folks at Red Apron (that is, “sophisticated comfort food”) have been working really hard to get their new space ready.  The grand opening was yesterday, May 2nd. 

The good news is they moved across the street from where they had been, next to True Loaf bakery (whose loaves Red Apron carries in the afternoon), on Gladstone Avenue between Kent Street and Bronson.  There’s two hour parking on the street in front and it might take you that long to load up with all the treats you’re sure to be tempted by — in the freezers, on the shelves, displayed on the three large wooden tables, in the cooler and on the counter.

Yummy chocolates, organic oils and vinegars, dry goods for cooking, coffees, teas, jams, honey, chutneys, spice rubs, home-made granola and many other treats beckon…..

The kitchen, where all the magic happens, is exposed for all to see behind a counter stocked with freshly prepared meals, pies and breads.  This is great because you can see (and get to know) the wonderful women and men who are making the incredible food.

Okay, you may have noticed by now that there are planters on many of the surfaces… I had the great pleasure to be asked by the ladies to supply them with some living and breathing plants to help soften the space.

Many of these displays will change with the seasons and add some green flavour to the place.  But the biggest planters are taking pride of place next to a monumental painting by Christopher Griffin.

You gotta go!  And try my favourites:  the shepherd’s pie made with melt-in-your-mouth shredded Fitzroy Beef or the scrummy home-made soups or …. just try them all!


2 thoughts on “Greening the *new* Red Apron”

  1. Thank you Ailsa for all your help putting the ‘finishing touches’ on our new space Always a pleasure to work with you!

    Jennifer & Jo-Ann

  2. You’re very welcome Jennifer and Jo-Ann. It was my pleasure! I’m so glad more people are finding you and getting a chance to enjoy your great food and nice people.

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